Director of Revenue Cycle Management

Kris Cali joined Resolve Pain Solutions as the Director of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), responsible for managing end-to-end RCM functions throughout the organization.

What does Kris and the RCM team do for our practice partners?

  • Streamlines policies and procedures for improved RCM efficiency
  • Technological billing improvements
  • Optimization of EMR billing functions
  • Review and analyze key performance indicators for billing collections and reporting
  • Staff development and training

Prior to joining Resolve Pain Solutions, Kris spent over three decades in healthcare operations and revenue cycle management. Most recently, she was the Director of RCM for Senta Partners, where she was responsible for leading RCM teams across multiple practices, streamlining processes, and facilitating practice integrations.

Committed to building strong teams and focusing on proactive denial management, Kris ensures company goals are met through increased efficiency initiatives illustrated over 35 years experience of healthcare management success.