Director of Electronic Medical Records

Patric Holly, who assumed the role of Director of Electronic Medical Records at Resolve Pain Solutions on December 15, 2023, is a seasoned professional dedicated to advancing healthcare through the strategic management of electronic medical records, data analytics, and automation.

What does Patric and the EMR and automation team do for our practice partners?

  • EMR system implementation and management
  • Data security and privacy compliance
  • Workflow optimization
  • Training staff on EMR usage
  • Troubleshooting and support
  • Integration with other healthcare systems
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Software updates and maintenance
  • Documentation standards adherence
  • Interdepartmental collaboration for EMR improvements

With 15 years of experience in Health Informatics and Analytics, Patric brings a wealth of expertise in optimizing healthcare workflows, driving process improvements, and harnessing advanced data analytics for informed decision-making. Prior to joining Resolve Pain Solutions, Patric made significant contributions to the field while at Aledade Inc. There, he improved overall data capture, increased productivity through Robot Process Automation, and implemented specialized products that contributed to a reduction in overall healthcare spending within the company’s practices.

Patric holds a Master of Science in Management of Health Informatics and Analytics from George Washington University and a Bachelor of Science in Informatic Technology, with a concentration in Health Informatics, from Florida State University.  

Throughout his educational journey, Patric demonstrated a commitment to excellence. In his current role, Patric ensures the smooth functioning of eClinicalWorks EMR systems, leads data analytics efforts, and champions automation initiatives to enhance patient care and operational efficiency.  
Patric Holly is dedicated to maintaining the highest professional standards in Health Informatics and Analytics.