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By partnering with Resolve Pain Solutions, you’ll be able to reduce your administrative burden, increase your time with patients, and grow your practice.

Why Partner
Over 40 Years of Pain Management

Succession Planning +

As a physician partner, your options for you and your practice’s future are limited by state regulations as well as the ability and resources to recruit new physicians who have the desire and capital to become a partner in your business. With Resolve Pain Solutions, your succession plan becomes clearly defined.

Capitalize on Your Practice's Value +

As a physician partner, you have spent years, if not decades, building and shaping your practice. With Resolve Pain Solutions, you can receive the full value of your practice and the work you have put into it.

Practice Growth +

We use best practices gained from our long history of pain management to increase individual provider productivity and overall practice growth, through patient capture, high margin procedure marketing, and operational efficiencies.

Investment & Support +

Rather than continuing to put your money into new opportunities, Resolve Pain Solutions makes capital investments for expansions and integrations, such as ambulatory surgery centers, new practice locations, or diagnostic imaging equipment and build-outs.

What We Do
How Our Work Benefits Your Business

Billing & Finance
Financial Modeling
Accounts Payable
Project Investment Pro Forma
HR & Recruiting
Employee Benefits/401K
Recruiting & Retention
Onboard/Offboard Employees
Integration Support
Employee Training
Software Integration
Practice Integration
Company Programs
Staff Supervision & Development
Process Implementation Initiatives
Supply Chain Management
Facility Management
Marketing & Communications
Brand Development
Digital Marketing & Social Media
Market Research & Analysis
Public Relations
EMR & Data Analytics
EMR Implementation & Usage
Data Security & Privacy
Workflow Optimization
Reporting & Analytics
HIPAA Compliance Management
Audit & Risk Assessments
Data Privacy & Protection
Compliance Training

Our Criteria:
What We Seek

Alignment with Our Values
We pride ourselves on our practices putting patient care at the forefront of the clinical experience. Our like-minded clinics put patient care above all else when it comes to practicing medicine.
Strategic Fit
We have key indicators we look for in developing a partnership with our clinical practices; items such as geographic location and opportunity for growth are just some indicators we’ll look to. Making sure our goals and objectives are in alignment is prominent to our partnerships.
Commitment to Excellence
Continuing to enable our practices to provide excellent patient care and leveraging our resources to improve the quality of our clinical practices.
Long-Term Vision
The growth of our network partnerships is a continuing goal for our company, but also being positive ambassadors for the business of pain management.

How We Work

We operate with a steadfast commitment to collaboration, innovation, and excellence. By aligning our strategies and goals we increase efficiency, improve decision-making, and ensure measurable performance. Resolve Pain Solutions is grounded in the belief that by utilizing the vast experience of our employees and partners we can collectively improve the business of pain management and in doing so improve the patient experience.

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What People Are Saying

“The model we have today allows me now to devote the vast majority of my time to taking care of patients.”

Dr. Moacir Schnapp

“As a physician and owner, the Resolve Pain Solutions team has made me feel comfortable and excited about partnering.”

Dr. Hemant Yagnick